Spring Fling

Ah Spring! Flowers bloom, scenting the air. Birdsong begins. What better than a contest to wake the writing brain from its winter sleep. Thank you Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal for this brilliant opportunity.

Here is my entry:

Gif by Luciana Calmon on PicsArt

Spring Together

106 Words

Anjali Amit

Annie knocked at Manny’s door,
“Come out, come out, it’s Spring.”
“Trees-a-sapping,” (“No,” said Manny)
“Frogs-a-rapping,” (“No,” said Manny)
“And all the birds a-wing.” (NO,” said Manny)
“Bother me no more.”

“Tap-tap-tap, woodpeckers tapping.”
“Map, map, map, and I am mapping,
Knock not at my door.”

“Mapping? now I have a reason.
I’ll talk neither Spring nor season.
Manny, let’s a-hiking go.” (“Yes,” said Manny)
“By rivers and dales.” (“Yes,” said Manny)
“Up hills, down vales.” (“Yes, yes,” said Manny)
“I’m ready with paper and pen,”

So eager Annie
And mapping Manny
Together…stepped into Spring!